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Não estive com meias medidas e perguntei a quem sabe:
Update for Case CASE74025 - "Info about skinsuits and genitals"
From: Thomas Remonti
Sent: 2/11/2022
Subject: Info about skinsuits and genitals
Hello Sérgio ,
thank you to get in touch with ASSOS,
There is no exact position in this case, however we recommend placing in the most comfortable and least troublesome position, I would possibly recommend trial and error.
Best regards

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From: C10311360 Sérgio Loureiro
Sent: 31/10/2022
Subject: Info about skinsuits and genitals
First of all, please forgive me about being so explicit on this, but I don't know how to put it another way,
When wearing a skinsuit how should one put the penis? Should it be pointing downwards or upwards?
What is the best option for comfort and health of the intimate parts?
Thanks in advance and best regards.